Data pipelines for human rights.

A collection of tools to support human rights defenders and investigative journalists to conduct data based investigations. They help to develop compelling stories which expose the misuse of power and human rights abuses.

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Sugarcube preserves and monitors a wide variety of online sources (e.g. websites, Twitter tweets, Youtube videos) and makes local copies of those sources. Once a data process is defined it can easily be automated.

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Ncube is a graphical desktop and cross-platform application that turns quantitative data into qualitative data. All the features of Ncube have one purpose: produce a set of verified data. Ncube's features around the preservation, exploration and verification of data all serve this single goal.

Arguably browsers are one of the most important research tools that investigators use every day. The Discovery browser extension accompanies Ncube for source discovery. While browsing the web investigators can send URL's of interest to Ncube with the click of one button without having to leave the browser environment.